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Progesterone is another important hormone for women to maintain, before and after menopause. What can it do and why is it needed? Let’s split it up into before and after menopause.


Period cramps, bloating headaches, migraines, fluid retention, ovarian cysts? It is all too common for so many people. Many of these symptoms can be treated by taking natural progesterone in the week leading up to your period.

Do you have PCOS? Or do you think that you may have PCOS? Natural progesterone has been shown to help reduce many symptoms related to PCOS.

Fibroids and bleeding can wreck havoc on post-menopausal life. Add in osteoporosis and increased risk of breast and uterine cancer can make life difficult and potentially scary in the long run. Progesterone, along with estrogen, all may help with these symptoms and chronic diseases.

Progesterone helps to protect bone health, along with the help of estradiol (the bioidentical form of estrogen).  As for cancer, progesterone opposes estrogen and helps to prevent the risk of breast or uterine cancer.

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