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What is involved in the free consultation?

At your free consultation we will discuss what symptoms you are experiencing and how they are impacting your life. Our #1 aim is to understanding your goals and determining how we can best help you to reach them. We treat you based on how you feel and will adjust your plan as necessary to get you there quickly and to keep you feeling great. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about hormone therapy and our provider will determine if you are a good candidate for our program.

What is the difference between synthetic hormones and Bio-identical?

Synthetic or conventional hormones have been used for many years (synthroid, premarin, etc.) and have been found to be somewhat effective but with quite a few side-effects and risks. They have pre-determined doses and are patented by pharmaceutical companies. 

Bio-identical hormones on the other hand are indistinguishable from the natural hormones that your body produces. This results in much higher effectiveness, far fewer side-effects, and dramatically lower risks. In addition, each dose is specifically formulated for your needs, so you will not get more or less than what your body needs for you to feel your best.

How long does it take to start treament?

From the time of your first consultation we can often get patients started on their treament plan by the very next week. A typical timeline may look like this:

Day 1: Free Consultation

Day 2: Draw labs at your nearest LabCorp

Day 4-5: Review labs and treatment plan with our provider

Day 5-6: Order Prescriptions

Day 7-9: Prescriptions are delivered to your home and you begin treatment.

(weekends may affect this timeline as we do not have weekend visits, and the pharmacy is closed weekends)

Do you accept insurance?

Bio-Identical Hormone replacement therapy, although very effective, is not well covered by insurance. We do not submit directly to insurance companies, however, If you would like the services to be reimbursed from your insurance, we will provide all the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company.

Can I use my insurance for my labs?

Yes, but it is a slight risk. Because of our relationship with the labs, we have negotiated a significantly discounted rate for our patients that we can guarantee. If you try to use your insurance they may cover the cost completely, but if the claim gets denied you may be responsible for a full un-discounted rate. We recommend you call your insurance to ensure they will cover the necessary labs.

Where do I go to get my blood test?

You can easily find a lab nearby by visiting Labcorp’s Lab Location Search tool.

Simply, enter your location, choose a lab nearby, and schedule your blood test appointment.

My primary care doctor said my hormones are fine, why do I still not feel good?

We love our primary care doctors and they do a great job at what they are trained to do! However, in addition to their full medical training, our providers here at Health + Hormones have received additional training on the latest clinical studies and best practices specifically surrounding hormones. They are very experienced with patients’ hormone levels and helping them feel their very best. 

Do you have more questions?