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Epiphany Clinic is American Fork’s favorite clinic for aesthetic and wellness services including Botox, Filler, Hormone Therapy, and Weight Loss Injections.

We are passionate about helping our patients look and feel amazing! Hormone Therapy Treatments to help you feel your very best. Weight Loss Injections to help reach your weight loss goals. Aesthetic Injections like Botox, Dermal Filler, Facials, and medical-grade skincare to help you look AMAZING.

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Aesthetic Treatments

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Hormone Therapy

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Weight Loss Injections

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Meet Our Team

Get ready to meet the dream team! Our squad is bursting with talent, from our Advanced Aesthetic Injectors to our Certified Hormone Experts and Weight Loss Gurus. We’re not just a team, we’re a family, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our fold. Get ready for a journey filled with laughter, support, and incredible results. See you soon!

What is the best age to start Botox?

The best age to start Botox varies depending on individual goals and skin concerns, but many experts suggest beginning treatments in the late 20s to early 30s. At this age, Botox can be used as a preventative measure to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles before they become more pronounced. However, the ideal age can differ based on personal factors such as skin type, genetic predisposition, and lifestyle. We recommend you get a consultation with an aesthetic expert here at Epiphany Clinic in American Fork to find what is best for your needs.

Is there a downside to Botox?

Botox is generally safe and effective for reducing wrinkles and fine lines when administered by a qualified professional. Most people experience minimal side effects, such as mild bruising or swelling, which typically resolve quickly. While rare, more serious complications can occur, such as temporary muscle weakness or drooping eyelids, but these are uncommon. Overall, Botox is a popular and well-tolerated treatment for achieving a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Are Dermal Fillers worth it?

Eyes and lips are so expressive they can convey emotions with a glance. However, if your lips have thinned due to aging or your eyes are marred by deep troughs underneath that make you look tired, you may not convey the energy and excitement about life that you truly feel.

Are weight loss injections worth it?

Many people find weight loss injections worth it because they can offer substantial and sustained weight reduction when traditional methods haven’t worked. For significant weight loss results and improved overall health, consider regular doses of semaglutide injections. If you’re struggling to lose weight in American Fork, weight-loss injections with semaglutide could be an effective solution.

Feel Amazing Again with Hormone Therapy

Hormones are the messenger system of our body and when we run low due to age or other factors it can dramatically affect our day to day life. Hormone Therapy can provide the following benefits:

      • More Energy
      • Better Sleep
      • Increased Libido
      • Decreased Brain Fog
      • Fat Loss / Muscle Gain
      • Improved Menopause Symptoms
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Is Hormone Therapy worth it?

We have found that hormone therapy is absolutely worth it when directed by a certified hormone expert. The success rate is very high in addressing many hormone-related symptoms, offering significant relief and improved quality of life for those experiencing hormonal imbalances.

How long should I stay on hormone therapy?

Deciding the duration of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a personal choice influenced by your symptoms, lifestyle, and overall health. At Epiphany Clinic in American Fork, we discuss various options with our patients, but if they are feeling well on HRT, there is no need to discontinue treatment solely based on age or time of treatment.

Our Story

We started Epiphany Clinic out of our home office doing virtual visits for hormone therapy, while still working at the hospital in the OR. However, patients starting feeling so good and telling all their friends that we quickly outgrew our home office and went full time helping people feel like themselves again! Now we help our patients not only feel amazing, but look amazing too! With State-of-the-Art Weight Loss treatments and Aesthetic treatments like Botox, Filler, Laser Treatments, PDO Threads, and more! Come see why Epiphany Clinic is growing so fast!

5-Star Testimonials

"Stephany and her staff are wonderful. They listen and truly care about your well-being. She is treating my perimenopause and I have definitely noticed improvement in my symptoms. I highly recommend Epiphany Clinic to anyone needing hormone therapy."

Andria R.

I love Epiphany Clinic! There are no bandaids slapped on. Actual patient care and it's so refreshing to be heard! I am sleeping better, actually refreshed when I wake up! My mood has balanced out and it's consistent throughout the day. During the craziest time of the year, I haven't felt the craze and anxiety like I normally would. I actually feel GOOD! I'm loving this feeling! So grateful for Epiphany Clinic! Feeling more human everyday and being treated like a human and NOT a number!! Would HIGHLY recommend!

Marti W.

"I have had a great experience and results! I look and feel the best that I've been in years. I love how quickly they respond to any questions or needs. Definitely one the best thigs I've ever done for myself.im doing hormone therapy and weight loss. My energy levels are up. I actually get good sleep at night. In 12 weeks I've lost 25lbs, 7 inches from my belly and 5 inches from my hips. I highly recommend to give them a try!"

Trisa H.

"I never thought hormone therapy would be my answer to feeling so much better! Stephany and her staff have helped me feel so much more like myself again! I went from feeling sluggish all the time and low libido to feeling like I can do anything! My motivation is so much better and my libido is rocking! I am soooooo happy I found them!"

Jamie R.

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